Why Massage?

I've always compared our bodies to a car. We need to take our cars to the garage to change the oil and maintain important parts to keep it running well and live longer. The same is true for our bodies, only in this case, the garage is the massage room, and the therapist is the mechanic.

Since I believe, as many others in my field, that at the core of health it's all about blood circulation, I also believe that the more it easily flows in our body, the more healthy we are, and the more that we're slowing the process of aging.

Clients always ask me how often they need a massage? My answer is always the same: if one could afford it, one should do it every day, to always keep the blood circulation at its best. The body then, like “frozen” in time, will always be back to its new, refreshed, rejuvenated and detoxified position—as good as new for whatever the next day will bring.

Although massage therapy does not increase muscle strength it can stimulate weak, inactive muscles and partially compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. It can lead to a fast and more complete recovery.

All of us need some kind of compassion as we evolve through our path of life. Some need it more than others, some need it less, but the child in us will never stop  longing for it, as long as we continue to grow.

Touch is a way of transferring energies from one to another. We shake hands, hug, pat the shoulder—all different levels of touch. The touch of massage, as powerful as a simple hug, is the most loving and fulfilling, healing and energizing of them all. It takes its time, and is full of intentions, all are concentrated into one touch of universal light!

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Now, that you're on the massage table, meditate and relax. Take a very deep breath and repeat two more times. You are ready now to detach that universe outside that you’ve chosen to disconnect from. My hands, like an ignition fuel for a rocket, will give you the push to take off into yourself. All you need to do now is program my speed.

We can fly in the classic SWEDISH mode...smooth like a wave in space, or in a DEEP TISSUE one, and discover the courage in you by going through those “knotty” asteroids that will bump our ride from time to time, especially between your shoulder blades.

How about the SHIATSU-THAI mode? You will experience a heavy gravity pulling you down and sideways at the same time. Some even turn their backs towards the sun during the flight and receive a rain of HOT STONES that will land and warm the depths of your core.

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Swedish: A system of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints. The Swedish Massage is for the those who look to achieve total relaxation and with minimal discomfort during the session. 

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Deep Tissue: Used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles. This invigorating experience is a process of detection of stiff or painful areas by determining the quality and texture of the deeper layers of musculature, and slowly working into the deep layers of muscle tissue. Specific hand positions and strokes are then used to respond to various tissue qualities. A bit more of painful treatment but beneficial for longer term of well being.

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Thai-Shiatsu: An oil-less massage performed mostly on the floor (but can be done on a table if you choose) and designed to increase flexibility, decrease stress, and promote a balanced state of mind, body, and spirit. Force is applied to pressure points, muscles and ligaments, and is combined with stretching and bending to elongate the spine, decompress the body, and relieve tension.

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