About Roei
Neil Patrick Harris
Roei with client
Neil Patrick Harris

It took me just one intentional touch of healing, to receive from a friend in the massage field that turned my inner world into a place of spirit and peace. From that moment it wasn’t long before I was on the way to spread the light to others, as if it were my life’s mission.

I finished a two-year massage program at the Reidman International Center for Complementary Medicine in 1996,  then began working for spas and hotels throughout Israel. I settled in New York City in 1998, dedicating myself both to first class hotels like The Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons, and Le Parker Meridien, and to private clients, among whom are several well-known celebrities in the entertainment field.

As for our health, if our body is imbalanced we start to develop discomfort that can slowly but surely turn into sickness of all kinds. Massage is one of the best ways to keep our bodies’ organs at their best possible balanced level. As long as the body’s parts are working together in harmony, we’ll live our lives in peace and health, grateful and thankful for the existence of ourselves and our loves ones.

I’m currently Located in Minneapolis area, and will travel for anyone in need around the globe. With years of experience, my goal is to work with interesting clientele from any level of society.

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